Avatar Not Just Coming to a Theater Near You, But EVERY Theater Near You


There's no reason to deny it, we're pretty geeked about James Cameron's Avatar. Aside from the fact that it's his first "real" movie since Titanic (no offense to any of those underwater epics he shot), there's also the fact that Steven Soderbergh described it as "the craziest shit ever." Still, even though our anticipation levels are through the roof, they can't compare with the New York Times' Michael Cieply, who wrote a gushy piece about it in late April without even having seen a frame of it. And now from Cieply comes word that Imax has reserved a nearly three-month window (!) for the film to be shown in 3-D on the company's non-"bullshit IMAX" screens (for comparison's sake, Star Trek was only able to command a two-week window). Nothing like keeping expectations low, right guys?

Imax Clears a Path for What Could Be a Good Long Run of James Cameron’s “Avatar” [Carpetbagger/NYT via Hollywood Elsewhere]