Black Eyed Peas Will Be Something, But What?


Sure, “Boom Boom Pow” has already topped Vulture’s Song of the Summer Power Rankings, but, let’s face it, the so-dumb-it's-genius jam has miles to go before it fulfills its ubiquity potential. Still, “Imma Be,” the next Black Eyed Peas single, is already here, and it reminds us they are still ostensibly a rap group, although in practice their traded-off verses amount to little more than babbled nonsense meant to fill up space between choruses. So how is that chorus? Not that good! It’s a stutter-hook à la “A Milli” without any of that song’s special charm, plus it goes through a few messy, annoying iterations. So why are we writing about it? Will.I.Am told us to: “Yall niggas wanna talk shit, why don’t you put it on the blog, nigga / rocking like this is my job, nigga.” (Also, for the record, as far as rap songs with first-person, future-tense-conjunction titles go, this one’s still king.)