Black Lips and GZA Make Beautiful Music


Yesterday, Black Lips released their Drop I Hold EP, featuring a reworking of the title track with a verse from GZA. You might recall the pairing from their maligned SXSW show, where the band tried to back GZA on “Living in the World Today” and “Shimmy Shimmy Ya.” We’re glad to report that this “Drop I Hold” remix is a much better idea, seeing as it already has what one might technically define as “rapping” from front man Cole Alexander. The whole thing never rises above the level of well-intentioned curio, but Alexander’s chant-rhymes are sort of mesmerizing; “Atomic bomb, Vietnam / and Islam!” is definitely our favorite (especially because the band’s site is actually black dash Either way, Cole is the worst emcee GZA has rhymed with since Streetlife (sorry, Streetlife!). Check out the new video for the original version of the song after the jump.