The Secret Behind Obsessed’s Success? Bruce Willis, of Course


When the Beyoncé–Ali Larter catfight fantasy that is Obsessed opened two weekends ago, most (including us) just figured it was a glorified Lifetime movie that would come and go without much notice. But boy, oh boy, we were ever wrong; not only did the film manage to pull in $28 million during its opening weekend, but it will likely cross the $50 million threshold sometime in the next day or two. Not too shabby, considering the film was made on a budget of just $20 million. While many so-called box-office gurus are still struggling to figure out what led the public to embrace this decidedly B-grade movie, Bruce Willis let everyone watching The Late Show With David Letterman last night in on a tightly guarded secret: Namely, he has a secret cameo in the film as Derek, Beyoncé's nosy neighbor. And now, thanks to the miracle of Internet video, you can watch his scene without having to pay $11.75 or wasting a few hours downloading it off of BitTorrent!

The Late Show With David Letterman [CBS]