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easter eggs

The Secret Behind Obsessed’s Success? Bruce Willis, of Course

When the Beyoncé–Ali Larter catfight fantasy that is Obsessed opened two weekends ago, most (including us) just figured it was a glorified Lifetime movie that would come and go without much notice. But boy, oh boy, we were ever wrong; not only did the film manage to pull in $28 million during its opening weekend, but it will likely cross the $50 million threshold sometime in the next day or two. Not too shabby, considering the film was made on a budget of just $20 million. While many so-called box-office gurus are still struggling to figure out what led the public to embrace this decidedly B-grade movie, Bruce Willis let everyone watching The Late Show With David Letterman last night in on a tightly guarded secret: Namely, he has a secret cameo in the film as Derek, Beyoncé's nosy neighbor. And now, thanks to the miracle of Internet video, you can watch his scene without having to pay $11.75 or wasting a few hours downloading it off of BitTorrent!

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