Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, and Jadakiss Are Totally Fronting


Alrighty, then — onto some non-white rappers. “Respect My Conglomerate,” Busta Rhymes featuring Lil Wayne and Jadakiss: We've been cranky with Busta ever since he refused to “snitch” on his bodyguard's possible killers; Lil Wayne tired us, as Asher Roth now has, with his ubiquity; and Jadakiss, well ... Jada’s just a big teddy bear! We come, though, not to complain about (or cuddle) the rappers, but to protest the corporate boardroom this video’s set in. If anything, we admire Busta’s blatant disregard for the recession bullies who say flaunting money and executive privilege is now suddenly passé, and believe people who complain about hip-hop commercialism should get a job (the bums lost, Lebowski!). It’s just that boardrooms are really boring. No one even smokes marijuana in them (since Web 1.0). Can’t everyone just go back to being gangstas with money? You know those corporate criminals love snitching.