Surprise! NBC to Have New Shows This Fall


Contrary to what you might've heard, NBC is still actively pursuing the creation of new television shows! Hapless network wunderkind (and Vulture hero) Ben Silverman announced a portion of the Peacock's fall prime-time lineup to advertisers this morning, including community-college comedy Community, dating-service sitcom 100 Days, ER-y medical procedural Trauma, Scrubs-y medical comedy Mercy, Lost-ish supernatural drama Day One, and Parenthood, an hour-long "contemporary re-imagining" of the 1989 movie Parenthood. Silverman was bullish on the lineup, indicating that all six were enjoyed by many of NBC's own employees: "These are all shows that demanded to be put on the air ... Both our East and West coast offices uniformly loved them," he said. Synopses and clips for all are available at, or you can read ahead to see which one we think might actually make it to a second season.

That's Community above. We don't know if this will fill the Undeclared-size hole in anybody's heart, but we like Joel McHale and the writing seems okay. Plus, Chevy Chase is in it, and NBC seems to have pretty good luck these days with shows starring former "Weekend Update" anchors, so why not?