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Daytime Emmys Prove Their Awesomeness by Snubbing The View

Clearly, this photo was taken in happier times.

If you promise not to tell anyone, we'll let you in on a little secret: We kind of love the Daytime Emmys. Sure, it can sometimes be a challenge to lend a modicum of respect to an awards ceremony that includes oxymoronic categories like Outstanding Legal / Courtroom Program, but to us, that's precisely what makes this evening so special. After all, how could you not be in favor of an event that sits temperamental soap-opera stars in close proximity to slovenly game-show writers? It also doesn't hurt that the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has a little bitchy streak when it comes to who they nominate, as evidenced by their stone-cold dis of the haughty ladies of The View in the category of Outstanding Talk Show (they did get a collective nod for Outstanding Host, though). Plus, really, any ceremony that honors the people behind the puppets on Sesame Street is A-OK by us.

Daytime Emmy Doesn't Get The View [E! Online]

Photo: Getty Images