Will District 9 Be the Next Cloverfield?


Don't get the wrong idea from that headline — it's not that we think you'll need to ingest a full bottle of Dramamine before going to see the Peter Jackson–produced District 9 when it hits theaters in August. What we're referring to is the fact that this film not only combines documentary-style filmmaking with an outrageously awesome sci-fi premise, but also that it was stealthily produced on a relatively low budget. The plots sets up thusly: In present-day(ish) South Africa, a group of refugee outcasts is forced to live segregated from the rest of the population in a slum somewhere outside of Johannesburg. (Shades of apartheid much?) Enter the twist: Said refugees are actually a race of extraterrestrial, buglike aliens whose spaceship hovers V-like over the village! Everything about this film, which was directed by Neill Blomkamp and based on his short film, Alive in Joburg, indicates that it could end up being one of the sleeper hits of the summer.

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