Does the Twilight 2 Poster Deliberately Hide Taylor Lautner’s Restless Leg Syndrome?


It would certainly seem so! Those who read our blog already know that New Moon — the second movie of the Twilight series, currently in production — was put in jeopardy last month following the devastating self-diagnosis of werewolf portrayer Taylor Lautner with restless leg syndrome. Summit Entertainment released the first poster for the film last night and it will do little to set fans' minds at ease. Hoping for a glimpse of Lautner's leg, either in a stationary position or vibrating wildly? Too bad! Robert Pattinson — whose character is barely even in the New Moon book, as everyone knows! — is standing in front of one leg, while the other is obscured by low-lying forest smog. Also, Kristen Stewart looks terrified, as if she's about to be accidentally punted into a tree. We just want to believe that everything is okay!

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