Dollhouse Lives!


You might not have heard the news on Friday night, probably because you were out doing whatever it is you're usually doing on Friday nights instead of watching Dollhouse — but Dollhouse is being renewed! The official announcement won't come until Fox's upfront presentation today, but HR reports that Fox has ordered thirteen more episodes of Joss Whedon's abysmally rated, loyally TiVo'd Eliza Dushku–starring actioner to air next fall. The decision is said to have been based on the series' high viewership on Hulu and DVR, the historic success of sci-fi shows on DVD, and the fact that Fox execs just liked the show. Since Dollhouse is very likely the worst-rated network drama ever to be renewed, Whedon has reportedly agreed to a reduced budget for upcoming episodes, though that shouldn't be a problem if Fox doesn't demand that he shoot them twice this time. And there's more good news! Dollhouse will get a better lead-in this fall, since the ratings-terminating Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has just been canceled.

Surprise: Fox RENEWS 'Dollhouse' [Live Feed/HR]
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