Darrell Hammond’s SNL Fate Still Unclear, But Don Pardo Is Finished


We've spent a good chunk of the day trying to figure out whether Darrell Hammond will be returning to SNL next season: We've heard chatter on both sides of the fence, but all the NBC spokesperson we emailed would commit to saying is that "We have made no announcements." However, it does appear that Saturday's show just might have been the last for longtime announcer Don Pardo. The 91 year-old was inducted into the Rhode Island Radio Hall of Fame last week, at which time he casually mentioned that the Will Ferrell/Green Day show would be his last as the show's announcer. That said, the door will likely still be open for his return should Pardo have a change of heart when next September rolls around. While Pardo officially retired from NBC a few years back, Lorne Michaels has so far been able to convince the legendary announcer to come in to do the opening "It's Saturday Night Live" voice-over work he's been doing since the show's 1975 debut.

Don Pardo says "It's Saturday Night Live" for the last time [TV Squad]