Dr. Parnassus Gets the Harry Knowles Stamp of Approval


The Internet's easiest movie critic has seen Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (the film Heath Ledger had half completed when he died), and, wonder of wonders, he likes it! Ain't It Cool News's Harry Knowles hails Parnassus as the director's "possibly greatest film yet" and the "most accomplished Gilliam work since Brazil" (we suppose that's not, technically, high acclaim). Though some might be nervous about Gilliam's wacky move to recast Ledger's role with Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, and Jude Law, Knowles can assure us the decision was the correct one: "Even if Heath were alive, this is how I would have wanted the story handled." Additionally, Knowles says Parnassus features "Verne Troyer in his very best role ever."

Harry has entered Gilliam's THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS & never wants to leave! [Ain't It Cool News]