Fake Sitcom From Funny People Looks Only a Little Worse Than NBC’s Other Shows


To advertise Judd Apatow's upcoming cancer comedy Funny People, NBC.com's webmaster has helpfully agreed to host a site for Yo Teach!, a fake sitcom appearing in the movie, so as to make it look like the show is actually part of NBC's fall lineup. It's corny on purpose — Teach! stars Jason Schwartzman's character as a wise-cracking English teacher tasked with educating a bunch of remedial high-school students (including YouTube star Bo Burnham) — but doesn't this seem like the kind of thing that could be a monster hit on, say, CBS? By the way, the reason we knew it wasn't actually a real NBC show is because the site implies Teach! has been picked up for a second season. Click for video!

Yo Teach! [NBC.com]
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