First Look at V Will Please Everyone But Jeffrey Katzenberg


When it comes to ABC's highly anticipated reboot of the seminal V series, our curiosity knows no bounds. We already know that Juliet Elizabeth Mitchell will be portraying one of the leaders of the human resistance, but the one nagging question that's been haunting us in our sleep is who ABC found to fill Jane Badler's kinky leather boots as Diana, the evil queen of the mouse-eating lizard people. Well, thanks to a timely report filed at the upfronts by the Hollywood Reporter's infallible James Hibberd, we not only learned that the role goes to Brazilian actress Morena Baccarin, but we also got our first taste of how this newfangled pilot will feel. In the following clip, we watch as Juliet Elizabeth Mitchell and a crowd of onlookers take in the first alien broadcast beamed down from one of the mammoth alien spacecrafts hovering above the world's largest cities. In a twist that's sure to dishearten Jeffrey Katzenberg, it appears that the alien vessels from a distant galaxy seem to be eschewing 3-D technology in favor of 1080p broadcasts.

Video: ABC's creepy 'V' remake [Live Feed/HR]