Ghostface Has His Eye on Someone Special


For our money, Ghostface’s 2006 single “Back Like That” is the perfect example of pandering to pop radio without sacrificing an ounce of your character: In between a pretty gully Ne-Yo chorus, Ghost turns a betrayed-hearts-lament into a violent, barely contained revenge fantasy, full of snapped-off fingers, broken jaws, and promises of bodily harm delivered by unspecified “girl cousins.” Which is why, as surprised as we were by “She’s a Killer,” featuring hook-supplier-of-the-moment Ron Browz — seriously, is there an imminent GFK album we don’t know about?! — we weren’t opposed to it on principle. This time, Ghost is describing how bad-ass some chick is in typical odd fashion: “She’ll murder you while eating your breakfast / You’ll die wanting to try just how good her sex is.” Unfortunately, it’d take a boatload of lines like that to make us forget Browz’s earache of a chorus. Then again, seeing as “Killer” pretty much sounds just like Browz’s hit “Pop Champagne,” which slowly but surely wormed its atonal way into our good graces, we’ll probably wake up three weeks from now, in a cold sweat, humming this thing to ourselves.