Ben Silverman’s Topless Plot to Save NBC


Good morning! You'll never guess what happened on the Internet while you were away! Last night, shortly after we'd signed off, Nikki Finke posted this video of NBC wunderkind (and Vulture hero!) Ben Silverman singing an impromptu blues number wearing only a towel. The footage was shot by actor Rob Morrow during Silverman's ski trip to Utah last December. (Why, yes — that is Fisher Stevens accompanying him on harmonica!) So why was this only uploaded to YouTube yesterday? Obviously Silverman was cleverly waiting to deploy it to distract TV viewers from last night's highly anticipated Lost finale on rival network ABC. And if his shirtless crooning is able to shave a point or two off of its ratings, what will he do to steal attention from next Wednesday's American Idol finale on Fox? Click to watch!

VIDEO: Ben Silverman Sings In A Towel [Deadline Hollywood Daily]