HBO Goes Below the Belt, Quite Literally, With Hung


We could rattle off a million reasons why we love summer, but the amount of quality television that's out there to be consumed would not be one of them. Now that virtually every show we love has aired its season finale (and we have to wait at least another two full months before Mad Men returns), we will be keeping our eyes out for just about any show that doesn't involve people getting punched in the face before falling into a giant pool of water. Enter HBO's Hung, which premieres on June 28 and stars the affable Thomas Jane as a high-school teacher and basketball coach who just happens to have a giant wang. As we learn in the trailer, Jane is going through a bit of a rough patch in his life, having recently suffered through a divorce (from Anne Heche) and having had his house burn down. So, as a means to make a little extra money (and gain back some confidence), Jane takes the advice of a paramour (the always awesome Jane Adams) and decides to go into the male-escort business. Looks promising, although the question on the mind of everyone will certainly be how Jane stacks up against the likes of McG and Dr. Manhattan.

The Two-Minute Verdict: Hung Feels Limp [Movieline]