If You Thought Twilight Was Ham-fisted, Wait Until You See The Vampire Diaries


We don't blame the CW for scheduling a slot in their fall lineup for The Vampire Diaries, not in the slightest. In fact, their idea to pair it with their other things-that-go-bump-in-the-night drama, Supernatural, could prove to be a pretty inventive programming decision. That is, so long as tweenage and teenage girls don't get swept off their feet by some other debonair monster in the next few months (fingers crossed that we're able to sell our long-gestating script about celibate Sasquatches!). Still, if any of you were holding out hope that the production would be able to eclipse the bar set by Stephenie Meyer's paean to the joys of teenage abstinence, you'll likely end up a smidge disappointed. This three-minute teaser trailer (which, in reality, is less of a trailer and more of a mash-up of three tenuously related clips) features not one but two scenes of vampires leaping from suburban houses to the ground without injury (they must hate stairs!), but the best/worst moment comes courtesy of Ian Somerhalder, who you might recall played the part of Boone on Lost. The only thing goofier than his line reading of "IMAGINE WHAT HER BLOOD TASTES LIKE!" is his facial expression while saying it.

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