The Jay Leno Show Promises 98 Percent Fewer Murders in the 10 p.m. Time Slot


Ever since NBC announced back in December that they would be handing over their 10 p.m. time slot to Jay Leno five nights a week beginning this fall, we've come to learn a few things about the show. Namely, that the show will be significantly less expensive for them to produce and that Les "Moonvest" Moonves and Sumner Redstone are supremely confident that their CSI franchise "will beat the hell out of [Leno]." However, at yesterday's NBC "in-fronts," Vulture hero Ben Silverman promised that Jay Leno would be the perfect way for the network to counterprogram against the time period he dubbed "crimetime" (where does he get such wonderful turns of phrase?), citing an unattributed statistic that 71 percent of people wish there were some comedy on TV at that time of night. Well, we can't say we disagree, but unlike Hugh Jackman and Matthew McConaughey (who were featured —albeit fully clothed — in the three-and-a-half-minute promo reel for the show), we're not exactly sure we'd label what Jay Leno does as "comedy." Still, we'll cop to being semi-excited to seeing what he does with "a huge new stage specially designed for comedy" (whatever that means).

NBC Previews ‘The Jay Leno Show’ [NBC]