Jimmy Fallon Introduces Tu-Spock, the Half-Vulcan, Half-Gangsta Rapper


So, people, are you still watching Late Night With Jimmy Fallon? We haven't been as diligent in our viewing as we were when the show first launched, but now that the novelty of the show has worn off, that's to be expected. But when we do watch, we still find ourselves wishing they would ditch the monologue (crickets!) in favor of spending more time writing original skits like the one we're about to show you. Apparently, this music video for "Highly Illogical," by the half-Vulcan, half-gangsta rapper Tu-Spock, was first shown on last Friday night's show, but we didn't see it until Topless Robot linked to it this morning. We're not quite sure why the staffers at LNWJF effectively buried the viral potential of this really strong digital short by airing it on a Friday night, but we'll just chalk that decision up to collective inexperience. But from a production perspective, they pretty much executed this one to a T: It's got everything from potentially blinding lens flares to Jimmy Fallon (as Tu-Spock) paraphrasing one of the cheesiest lines in the history of rap music, "Forget Oreos, eat Tu-Spock cookies."