Frank Sinatra Casting Rumors Are the New Batman-Villain Casting Rumors


Casting talks — or at least wild, outlandish rumors thereof! — are already underway for the Scorsese-directed Frank Sinatra biopic announced yesterday. Scorsese's alleged first choice for the lead role is, obviously, Leonardo DiCaprio, just as it has been for his past four movies. Universal, however, would rather see the part go to popular teen heartthrob Johnny Depp, with whom the director has never worked, according to Vulture buddy Nikki Finke. In both Depp and DiCaprio's favor, each have experience wearing hats, plus the film won't require its star to sing, thank God, as the soundtrack will use Sinatra's original recordings. We'll try not to get our hopes up one way or the other, though, since they'll probably just get Shia LaBeouf like everyone else.

UPDATE: Johnny Depp As Frank Sinatra? [DHD]