How Bad Will Kara DioGuardi’s American Idol Winner’s Song Be?


Without a doubt, the worst part of winning American Idol (besides being corralled into a Draconian recording contract from which you'll inevitably be dropped) is having to sing the schmaltzy earsore of a song that producers select to be the victor's first single (stinkers forced on previous champs have included "This Is My Now" and "Do I Make You Proud?"). This season's track, which will be sung by both contestants on the first part of this year's Idol finale tonight, is called "No Boundaries" — and was apparently co-written by none other than unpopular judge Kara DioGuardi! How bad will it be? Though we have nothing to base this on (apart from past history and the fact that Kara's the reason our DVR always cuts off the end of Fringe), we're going to guess BAAAAAD. What even rhymes with "boundaries," anyway?

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