Katherine Heigl’s Salary Demands Force Her Out of Valentine’s Day


Ever since Katherine Heigl officially broke out as a full-fledged "star" back in 2007, her diva tendencies have been well documented. There have been feuds with Judd Apatow, feuds with the Grey's Anatomy writing staff, and feuds with Shonda Rhimes (to name but three feuds). And now, she's got a brand-new feud on her hands. The New York Post is reporting that temperamental Heigl has dropped out of the anticipated new project Valentine's Day, which is set to star some of Hollywood's most recognizable actresses (Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, etc.). Apparently Heigl demanded an "astronomical" salary of $3 million to appear in the ensemble film, which is more than anyone else on the cast has signed on for. Hmmm, since she seems comfortable enough with the balance of her checking account to demand such high salaries, we're just going to go ahead and assume that she must have finally gotten her answer to whether Izzy lives or dies.