Lady Gaga Responds to Kanye West’s Mix-Tape Hit


You might think that Lady Gaga would've taken exception to "I Poke Her Face," the dirty yet catchy reinterpretation of her hit song "Poker Face" that Kanye West, Common, and Kid Cudi released back in early April. After all, her record company seems quite content with the fact that the naïve majority of her fan base believes it's a song about gambling. However, during a recent interview with MTV News, Lady Gaga not only proved that she's a good sport by effusively complimenting Kanye and crew's take on her song, but she also demonstrated that she's nobody's shill when she confessed what the song is really about: "The record is about how I used to fantasize about women when I was with my boyfriend." (Duh!) Keep it up, Gaga, and one day you just might win us over.

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