McG’s High Standards to Blame for Christian Bale’s Terminator Rant


You may vaguely recall from several months ago a leaked audio clip of Terminator Salvation star Christian Bale offering some constructive criticism to the film's director of photography. Bale later apologized for the outburst, and everyone forgot the whole thing had ever happened. In a new interview, however, beleaguered Terminator director McG claims that Bale's rant was entirely his fault, and that his perfection-seeking directing style simply got the better of him:

“I’m to blame for the whole thing ... In a great many ways this is a war movie so I’m on the set getting in Christian’s face saying, 'You’d better get your fucking shit together and you’d better fire up and make me believe your life is in danger, now get off your fucking ass, Christian, and go and show me something.’ Now that’s going to get him fired up in the spirit of creating a real life and death performance and that’s never meant to get outside that arena."

The movie, though, was totally Bale's fault.

Christian Bale rant: Terminator director 'McG' says ‘I’m to blame’ [Telegraph UK]