Michael Jackson’s Comeback Scuttled Already?


Two months ago, eccentric entertainer Michael Jackson announced a string of 50 concert dates at London's O2 Arena that would once again make him rich enough to spend outrageous amounts of money on the world's most hilarious crap. But, in news that will surely come as a blow to merchants of things with diamonds affixed to them, a new lawsuit may prevent those shows from taking place. Lawyers for AllGood Entertainment — the company who late last year attempted to organize a tour with Jackson, his sister Janet, and the surviving members of the Jackson 5 — is attempting to block Jacko's "This Is It" tour on the grounds that he purportedly agreed not to perform anywhere for eighteen months following the collapse of plans for the family shows. Jackson says he never officially agreed to the called-off jaunt, though his accuser claims a manager may have signed a form without his knowledge (which, frankly, we find hard to believe).

Michael Jackson's London Show in Jeopardy [TMZ via Rolling Stone]
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