Newly Leaked Eminem Tracks: Uh-oh


A bunch of new Eminem tracks leaked today, and, well, wow. There’s more to be said than can fit in this space, but quickly: The cover and title aren’t just for show, as apparently Relapse will partially deal with the causes and consequences of Eminem’s addiction to the sleep medication Zolpidem (something we’re not sure many of his fans were even aware of). “Dr. West,” the intro, features Em being released from a rehab facility by a doctor with questionable ethics (maybe played by McNulty!) and immediately being seduced by the pills, and it's the most sane new track: “My Mom” concerns how his mother put Valium in everything he ate when he was a kid, “Bagpipes From Baghdad” is a nutso screed against former paramour Mariah Carey and her new dude Nick Cannon, and “Insane” (below) is an presumably fictional account of being sexually abused by his stepfather, complete with references to hangings and felching. Have fun!

Eminem - Dr. West (Intro) x Insane [2DopeBoyz]
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