Nicolas Cage Movie Injures Nine More


On Monday night in Times Square, a Ferrari being driven by a stuntperson for Nicolas Cage's The Sorcerer's Apprentice smashed into a Sbarro and two pedestrians, sending both to the hospital (see the harrowing video here). Last night at around 3:30 a.m., another car crash near the same film set resulted in injuries for at least nine. According to reports, a driver not affiliated with the movie swerved to avoid a cab, hitting a parked car and sending it hurtling into Sorcerer crew members (none of their injuries are said to be life threatening). No charges will be filed against the driver, though this could be the fault of someone failing to close the streets properly (according to the production team, they had permits to block traffic until 5 a.m.). There have also been reports of Cage-related explosions in Chinatown and a fire on Sorcerer's Park Slope set. Remember when the Cloverfield monster ate half of Manhattan and we didn't even hear about it until the movie came out?

At Least 9 Injured In Midtown Movie Car Accident [CBS 2 via Gothamist]