Thanks to Ben Foster, Pandorum Has the Potential to Be More Than a Clichéd Genre Flick


Tagline: "Fear the unknown, fear the unimaginable, fear what happens next."

Translation: We're with you, desite those bumper stickers the kids at school had always instructing us to have No Fear.

The Verdict: Despite the fact that its plot description sounds like something straight from the first page of "How to Write a Horror/Sci-Fi Script That Will Sell," there's something undeniably creepy about the trailer for Pandorum. The premise, at least on the surface, seems simple enough: Something mysterious causes 60,000 people that were trapped in a state of suspended animation on a space vessel to just disappear. The two guys who are left to discover what happened are Dennis Quaid and the always electric Ben Foster, an actor who clearly has the potential to become one of the biggest talents of his generation. To us, this looks like it could end up being a potentially intriguing hybrid between Alien, Event Horizon, and The Descent (if you substitute space exploration for spelunking).

Full Trailer For Sci-Fi Thriller Pandorum [/Film]