Robyn’s in Love With a Robot (Literally!)


While we patiently wait for Europop goddess Robyn to record a new LP (hopefully this time it won't take three years for the record to be released Stateside), her collaboration with Röyksopp on "The Girl and the Robot" more than satiates our Robyn fixation. This track made our original shortlist for Song of the Summer, but we fear that American radio's near total disregard for robotic synths will doom this song to permanent underground status. However, there's still an outside shot that the video for this song will help give some further exposure to the track that has effectively burrowed its way into our subconscious. While the titular robot Robyn sings about is a metaphor for her paramour's penchant for working late and ignoring her, the music video — much to our delight — plays things a little more literally.

Röyksopp: The Girl and the Robot [ft. Robyn] [Pitchfork]