The Second Coming Arrives As Susan Boyle Returns to Britain’s Got Talent


Not being intimately familiar with the schedule or voting process of Britain's Got Talent, we were kinda hoping the whole Susan Boyle movement had passed us by. After all, our tolerance for virtuosic, opera-singing eyesores has been severely tested over the last few months by noted evil genius Simon Cowell. Unfortunately, though, over the weekend we couldn't help but notice that the Susan Boyle phenomenon was swelling once again, thanks to her semifinal performance of the standout number from Cats, "The Magical Mr. Mistoffelees" "Memory." While we understand that the show's producers wanted to make the most out of Miss Boyle's second big televised performance, we think that they might have gone a bit too far with the decision to frame her within rotating beams of celestial, almost heavenly light; however, we do applaud the restraint they showed by removing the crown of thorns that she wore during dress rehearsals. Call us jaded if you must, but when it comes to Susan Boyle, we're siding with Lily Allen's Twitter: "Susan Boyle is so overrated."