Parks and Recreation: The Iron [bleep] of Pawnee


Despite a mostly "meh" reception from critics and fans alike, we're not planning to remove the season pass on our DVRs for Parks and Recreation anytime soon. We'll admit that it isn't exactly what you'd call a knee-slapper of a show, but then again, we're dyed-in-the-wool Amy Poehler fans. For us, it's been really great to see her get a chance to really sink her teeth into a multifaceted character like Leslie Knope on a weekly basis, all the while working on the kinds of subtle character nuances that she never got a chance to blow out on SNL (owing to the constraints of the sketch-comedy medium). That said, our challenge to you this morning is entirely different: In last night's show, we learned that Leslie's mother (Pamela Reed) earned an "unrepeatable" nickname among her political rivals as "the Iron [bleep] of Pawnee." We tried to use our television's closed-caption functionality to learn what she said, but to no avail. Hence, we thought we'd turn it over to you, the loyal Vulture commenter base, to try to decipher what was said. We've got video clips to help you in your quest, but if all else fails, you can just try to make us laugh. Winners will get a hearty (and virtual) pat on the back. Good luck, kids!

Here's another clue for all you budding Encyclopedia Browns out there: