The Jonas Brothers to Save the Hamptons


Following their incredible success curing swine flu last weekend, moneyed power trio the Jonas Brothers are certainly due a little R&R — or they would be, that is, if their superhuman constitutions required such things, which they obviously do not. Instead of relaxing, for their next miracle they'll be doing no less than saving the Hamptons' broken economy. Today's Post reports that the brothers may be renting a 31,000-square-foot, nineteen-bedroom house in depressed Long Island hamlet Bridgehampton for two weeks this summer, around the time of their three-night residency at Nassau Coliseum in July. The price tag? An economy-stimulating $500,000 for fourteen days. While there, Joe, Nick, and Kevin will enjoy a skateboard half-pipe, a rock-climbing wall, an in-house movie theater, a recording studio, a bowling alley, a disco, an electric-train room, and a Ferrari that comes free with the rental, thereby returning Suffolk County to its once and former opulence. Is there anything they cannot do? No.

Are the Jonas Brothers Renting Bridgehamptons' Sandcastle? [Curbed]