Is Anna Kendrick Responsible for Trashed Twilight 2 Script?


Impossible to say! But after your curious Vulture editors read the story this morning that a dumpster-diving beauty-salon owner found a copy of the script of New Moon — the second installment of the world-changing Twilight saga — just sitting there in the trash, our inquisitive minds began reeling. So we poured ourselves a steaming cup of Jolt Cola (it tastes better hot, trust us), threw on our trusty deerstalker cap, and started investigating. As the story goes, the script was found outside of a hotel near St. Louis where George Clooney and a bunch of other actors filming the movie Up in the Air were staying. So, using our unparalleled powers of deduction (i.e., the IMDb), we did some sleuthing and determined that one Anna Kendrick, who starred in Twilight as Bella's preppy friend and is also scheduled to appear in New Moon, is the common link between the productions. Scandalous!

UPDATE (11:00 a.m.): The AP has updated their story to include the following: "The Clooney movie includes actress Anna Kendrick, who is also in the Twilight vampire movie. A spokeswoman for Kendrick, Lisa Perkins, said the actress wouldn't have left scripts lying around." Savvy readers, please note that this is not an outright denial. Habeas scriptus, we say!

Woman Finds 'Twilight' Sequel Script in Trash [AP]