Twitter to Become Stupid TV Show


So it would appear that, even though they had a full three days, Hollywood was yet again unable to produce a single good idea over the weekend. Still, though, some clever television executive was, impressively, able to come up with one worse than a Flight of the Navigator remake: Last night, Brillstein Entertainment and Reveille Productions (Ben Silverman's old company) announced a partnership to create a game show based on Twitter (Twitter's official blog downplays the web company's involvement). According to the AP, the show will "harness Twitter to put players on the trail of celebrities in an interactive, competitive format," which presumably means a marginally famous person will tweet about their current location, and thousands will race there to win some kind of prize. Producers promise that the show will be the "first to bring the immediacy of Twitter to the TV screen," though we imagine it will bring deadly car accidents to the TV screen, as well. Even Ashton Kutcher thinks this will be terrible.

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