Vulture Demands a Moratorium on Any Further Demolition of Slumdog Actors’ Houses


Seriously! Yes, we're cognizant that we have used the same framing device to outline our silly thoughts about trivial pop-culture matters like Justin Timberlake's SNL appearances and the overexposure of "Don't Stop Believing," but this time, we really mean it! For the second time in less than a week, another cursed child star from Slumdog Millionaire has had their home in Mumbai demolished. First, Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail had his shanty home destroyed by men wielding sledgehammers and metal rods. Now, Rubina Ali — who's already encountered more than her fair share of shitty luck this year — also finds herself without a home after the same thing happened to her family. It's not that we think these children should be treated any differently than the thousands of other people who are suffering through the same thing in Mumbai just because they're famous — but man, someone really ought to do something about this. If you have any suggestions, you know where to leave them.

Another 'Slumdog' child star's home torn down [AP via Jezebel]