William Shatner Watches the Trailer for the Star Trek Movie He’s Not In


We won't lie, we're pretty excited to see Star Trek when it opens next week, even if it blinds us in the process. We do have one minor quibble we'd like to raise with J.J. Abrams, though. No matter what J.J.'s excuses are, we still think it was kind of a dick move on his behalf that he couldn't figure out a way to incorporate William Shatner into his film. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Shatner has been a parody of himself for going on 30 years now, but still ... Mr. Abrams, have you no heart? Either way, we think it was a pretty (evil-) genius move on part of Access Hollywood's Billy Bush to show Shatner the trailer for the new Star Trek for the first time and to tape the whole incident. It's kind of fascinating to watch Shatner's facial reactions to the superior special-effects sequences shown in this trailer, but even more impressive is his ability to make a well-timed George Takei joke instead of going all sour grapes on the reboot. Team Shatner!

VOTD: Watch William Shatner Watch JJ Abrams’ Star Trek [/Film]