Roland Emmerich One-ups Himself in the Disaster-Porn Department With 2012


Tagline: "Mankind's earliest civilization warned us this day would come."

Translation: On the bright side, at least this movie will be released before the world comes to an end!

The Verdict: There are a lot of reasons to fear the year 2012, chief of which these days seems to be the threat that Sarah Palin might make a serious run for the presidency. As scary as that seems, we also have this to worry about: The Mayans long ago predicted that the world would come to an end on December 21, 2012. It's the latter theory that disaster-porn fetishist Roland Emmerich is more concerned with, mainly because it allows him an opportunity to do what he does best: annihilate historic landmarks in the most imaginative way possible! Rebounding after the colossal failure that was 10,000 BC, this trailer is nothing short of bananas in its awesomeness. Fire and brimstone (in the form of meteors) rain from the sky, an earthquake rips apart Michelangelo's masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, cities slide off the continental shelf directly into the ocean, and, most impressively, an outrageously massive wave carrying the USS John F. Kennedy barrels directly into the White House. We sure hope the Obamas waterproofed that swing set they just built!

Must Watch: Destructive Trailer for Roland Emmerich's 2012 [First Showing]

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