Animal Collective Is Dressing for the Weather


Back when certain subsets of the online community were crowning Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion the album of the year twenty days into 2009, it was “My Girls” that was the obvious highlight, and the one Merriweather track we’ve spun the most since. But now that the crew’s dropped the video for “Summertime Clothes,” we’re beginning to remember how deep this album is. The video doesn’t do much: It’s a ho-hum weirdo–performance-art thing with girls trapped in globes Wayne Coyne–style, people gesticulating with quilts over their heads, and no appearances by the band. But the important thing is the song is as exuberantly joyful as we remembered — seriously, how do you make lyrics like “I wanna walk around with you” sound this triumphant?

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