Anne Hathaway on Playing a Dude, and Other Culture Highlights From This Week’s New York


In this week's issue of New York, Amy Larocca talks to Anne Hathaway on her role in Twelfth Night in Central Park. Kaija Helmetag and Rebecca Milzoff plan your summer, with 78 days of fun. Logan Hill chats with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, star of 500 Days of Summer and the world's most intense person. Twelve writers share tales of their best-ever summer hookups. Hippies are back! Has New York blown its chance with Frank Gehry? Justin Davidson asks him. David Edelstein reviews The Hurt Locker, The Beaches of Agnès, and Cheri. Has Up finally reached the saturation point? Is it safe to like Sam Mendes yet? Adam Sternbergh consults the Undulating Curve of Shifting Expectations. Moby produces a track from hot new artist (and New York editorial director) Hugo Lindgren. Mike Flaherty interviews Iggy Pop. And Jerry Saltz weighs in on the Venice Biennale.