Finally, Antichrist to Become a Video Game


Not for Wii, sadly. Assuming today's reports are not the result of a hoax or some mass Internet hallucination (which they have to be, right?), this is easily the most wonderful news of a slow news week: Antichrist — Lars Von Trier's Cannes hit starring Charlotte Gainsbourg as a crazy person who mutilates Willem Dafoe's genitals — is getting its very own spinoff video game. SlashFilm has found and translated a pair of Danish articles that claim Eden, as it will apparently be called (see box art), will be a first-person adventure for PC, featuring the narration of Willem Dafoe, and taking place after the movie (which we hope means Dafoe will speak in a high octave).

According to one source, the game will include "dead babies, psychological terror, mutilated genitals, and ultra fear." And if that didn't all sound ambitious enough, it will apparently "download grotesque news from the Web," manipulating game play based on real-time, real-world events. It's apparently being developed by Zentropa Games, which, as far as we can tell, seems to be an actual company. All sources note that it'll likely be released next year, to coincide with Antichrist's DVD release. Also, Von Trier must approve its final concept, but why the hell wouldn't he?

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