Update: New Andrew W.K. Show Gives Bazookas to Children


Update: Andrew W.K. has personally assured us that children do not actually fire rocket launchers on the show. (Even though it totally looks like they do in this clip.)

Wow! Nightlife democratizer Andrew W.K., whom we vaguely recall once being a musician of some kind, has a new show on the Cartoon Network, Destroy Build Destroy, on which he passes out bazookas to young children, asks them blow up large vehicles, then hands them torches to weld the wreckage into "the coolest, strongest, most-efficient machines they can," which will later be blown up by another team of kids. Idolator just posted a new promo for the show, which debuts next Saturday night, and it looks like it might actually endanger children's welfare enough to fill the hole in our hearts that's been there since CBS canceled Kid Nation. Click to watch!

Andrew WK’s New Show Takes Things To The Extreme [Idolator]