Awesome Sarah Connor Chronicles Producer Blogs About Being Terminated


We highly encourage you to head immediately to the personal blog of Josh Friedman, former executive producer of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, where he's written an awesome post on what it's like to have your show canceled. A sample:

"I guess there were signs that the show was in trouble ... First there was the day I was in my office and looked up to see Chuck Lorre and a Warner Bros. facilities manager standing in my doorway pointing to various features and using their hands to take "air measurements." (Chuck tried to play it off like waving to me God Bless him, but I know an air measurement when I see it.) I know what you're all thinking: Chuck Lorre needs office space? What the fuck for? Doesn't he already have office space spread out all over half the fucking studio? Isn't it enough that Charlie Sheen's trailer is the size of Waylon Jennings' tour bus and it blocks the best way to ride a golf cart from a certain scary robot writer's office to a particular scary robot sound stage? There's only 2 and half men for fuck's sake, and one of them's like, six years old or something."

Trust us, it gets better.

BOY IN THE BUBBLE [Josh Friedman via Awl]