‘Birthday Sex’ Finally Committed to Film


Jeremih’s Song of the Summer stalwart — currently at No. 4, it scored Biggest Gainer late last month — finally portrays the titular sex (heh) on film, and we have to admit that the video’s a disappointment. J’s a handsome guy in the skinny-mustache, Nas and Fabolous mold, but he hardly manages any chemistry with his green-eyed co-star, and their intimate moments — on the kitchen floor, exchanging looks from different parts of the room — hardly seem the thing of drunken post-party birthday coupling, or even romantic birthday-morning lovemaking. Shouldn’t there at least be an intimation of him doing something, you know, special for her? (We don’t mean bringing home a fruit basket and whipped cream.) And one more thing: They couldn’t work candle wax into this?