Brandon Flowers, of All People, on the Time When Men Were Men


Brandon Flowers is a fascinating guy to have contemplate the time when men were men, cars were boats, and Europe owed us a fat one for dubya dubya two, obviously because he’s a Eurosexual fit for a Prius convertible (were one to exist). Which is why we can hang with the new video for “A Dustland Fairytale,” Day & Age’s throwback to the unfortunate, Springsteen-obsessed Sam’s Town iteration of the Killers: For Brandon, the fifties — the apparent setting of this clip — is a fairyland (intended pun in there somewhere) indeed, an original Star Trek planet where the clichés grow wild and woolly. Is this how men (specifically, Brandon’s dad, according some random accounts on the Internet) behave, stalking around each other, throwing punches, plunging switchblades, all in the name of a woman shrieking in the background? Or is this how our hero feels among men, how the shadows shoot up around him? We were wondering why this video moved us, and that has to be it: the little boy, just outside the picture, dreaming of guyliner days to come.

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