Break a Sweat With De La Soul


“Big Mouf,” off De La Soul’s upcoming ARE YOU IN? — the fifth entry in the Nike+ Original Run series, for which bands create chunks of music specifically engineered to run to, and the Long Island crew’s first album since 2004’s The Grind Date — is no revelation: a solid, austere beat, playful, stacked lyrics, and the kind of no-sweat master-of-our-domain vibe the trio’s been kicking out since probably De La Soul Is Dead. We especially like the outro, when De La does the enthused chorus (“Shout! Talk about it! It’s the big mouf!”) a cappella. Seeing as we don’t run unless we’re being chased, we have no idea if this is the kind of thing that’ll have you setting PBs — though, being veteran sit-on-our-ass-and-listen-to–hip-hop types, we can tell you this totally knocks. And you know what? We do feel a little bit healthier.

Download "Big Mouf"