Did a Voting Scandal Cost Susan Boyle the Britain’s Got Talent Crown?


After Susan Boyle's upset in the finale of Britain's Got Talent last weekend, she was admitted to the Priory clinic in London, suffering from what handlers described as exhaustion brought on by the stress of the competition. While Boyle is still resting comfortably at the Priory, we sincerely hope she's not spending her time reading any newspapers. The Telegraph is reporting that some unofficial videos of Boyle's performance that were posted on YouTube were deliberately altered to replace Boyle's dial-in phone number with numbers for the other contestants, including eventual winner Diversity. The dance troupe ended up collecting 24.9 percent of the final vote, compared to Boyle's 20.2 percent, but what is unknown is how many votes were actually cast (therefore making it tricky to extrapolate how many mis-dialed numbers could've cost Boyle the win). Don't feel too bad for SuBo, though; she'll be performing for Barry O later this summer.

Susan Boyle 'lost Britain's Got Talent votes due to YouTube scam' [Telegraph UK]