Brüno’s Olive Branch to Gays: A Song by the Coldplay Guy


The Wrap reports this morning that Brüno underwent "significant reshoots" following a troubled reaction from Hollywood's gay community to an early test screening. School of Rock director writer (and official comedy ombudsman) Mike White says he was among those consulted, and he reportedly told Sacha Baron Cohen, "I felt like I was going to throw up the whole time." He and others were apparently asked for suggestions on possible edits and reshoots, though he wasn't sure how much late-stage input was incorporated into the final cut. One thing's for sure, though: Brüno now contains — SPOILER! — a fake-charity song promoting gay marriage and featuring Elton John and Chris Martin.

So ... problem solved? We guess we'll find out! But were Elton John and Chris Martin recommended specifically on comment cards? Did someone actually suggest that a good way to atone for the film's over-the-top gay stereotypes might be a comedy song by the guy from Coldplay? Surely that can't actually work, right? And why a fake-charity single? When was the last time one of those was actually funny? Aren't there now more fake star-studded charity songs in existence than real star-studded charity songs? Will a "We Are the World" spoof blight the controversy by elucidating Brüno's anti-homophobic message — or by just making the movie seem lame? Also, how come no Austrians or pygmies were asked to provide feedback?

Criticism From Gay Insiders Led to 'Bruno' Reshoots [Wrap]
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