Brokencyde: Good Rap Rock or Bad Rap Rock?


More and more music writers know better than to say they listen to “everything but country,” but it’s still very much the fashion to dismiss rap rock, as if that knee didn’t jerk back in the mid-nineties. So allow us to be obvious and note that, just as there is good country (Darius Rucker, say) and bad country (Rascal Flatts), there is good and bad rap rock. What’s a fan of Linkin Park and Hollywood Undead to make of Brokencyde, whose “Booty Call” combines the grand catharsis of the former influence and piggish attitude of the latter? In truth, the song is terrible. It yields nothing insightful about the culture of booty calls, and the screamo in the chorus sounds out of place. The Lil Jon–style siren hook and the E-40 guest verse serve only to contrast with these kiddos’ charmlessness.

Brokencyde Reveal Themselves As The Heirs To Linkin Park’s Throne Of Teen Angst [Idolator]