Chris Brown Pleads Guilty to Assault, Is Sentenced to Six Months of Washing Fire Trucks


After being charged with felony assault and facing a maximum sentence of up to four years behind bars, Chris Brown exited a Los Angeles courthouse yesterday afternoon a free man. Thanks to the work of highly compensated attorney to the stars Mark Geragos, Brown will not be doing any jail time; rather, after entering a guilty plea, he received five years of probation and will need to complete 180 days of community service. According to TMZ, the judge in the case has agreed to allow Brown to do the community-labor portion of his sentence — which will likely include things like picking up trash, pulling weeds, and, amazingly, washing fire trucks (!) — in Virginia, rather than in Los Angeles, where the crime was committed. This decision will likely cause much consternation in the paparazzi-photo-agency community, as now they'll have to scramble to find stringers in Virginia who are willing to pull over their cars in order to snap photos of Brown wearing a reflective vest and poking at double-cheeseburger wrappers with a stick on the side of the freeway.

Chris Brown Cops Plea — No Jail Time [TMZ]